About Dewey Humber

Hello San Fernando Valley!

My name is Dewy and let me begin by saying that I happy to offer all of my home repair services to you. My work is first and foremost of high quality, and my many years of experience have taught me the best way to manage the home repair experience for both the client and myself. I make it my personal priority to ensure customer satisfaction by using communication skills to coordinate the best outcome of my clients’ home projects. I want to leave my customers not only satisfied with my work but also feeling like they had a positive experience working with me. This means that I try my best to accommodate my clients’ schedules to make the process of home repair as stress-free as possible. I am and honest, hardworking guy, and I do honest work that reflects my professionalism and years of experience.

I guarantee you will walk away not only feeling satisfied that your home repairs have been made, but also feeling that you made a friend in me. I am here to make your life less stressful and your home more beautiful as per your requests, so lets work together!